On Qualicum Beach property daredevils aim high when crossing items off their bucket lists. Thrill seekers fall like a stone and then fly like a bird as they experience the exhilaration of tandem skydiving. Skydive Vancouver Island sets participants up with state of the art equipment. Serious adventurers and hard core professionals, this team promises a safe and utterly amazing occasion.

Tandem instructors impart safety instructions, body positions, and all around common sense knowledge before flight. In the air once in a lifetime moments begin. Seventeen long minutes of contemplation greets passengers as they ascend toward prime altitude. As the door opens the action begins. With a thumbs up they are off and out of the plane. Jumpers feel a burst of adrenaline as they head toward the ground at a bone chilling speed of 200 kmh. A mind blowing 30 second plummet transforms into peaceful descendance as the parachute swiftly opens. Beautiful oceans scenery, blue skies and a peaceful ambiance engulfs adventurers as they cascade downward feeling like a bird with wind beneath its wings. Many are so relaxed during the trip they actually attempt to scope out a view of their Qualicum Beach homes. 

Fly Like a Bird and Soar Over Qualicum Beach Homes

While an ordinary picture may be worth a thousand words photographs of skydiving memories may leave folks speechless. Friends are welcome to take pictures from the ground, but the best way to immortalize the awesomeness is from the air. Professional video options include hand held camera use by tandem instructors or from the air cinematography completed by a separate skydiver. Check out the details here.

Right at the Qualicum Beach Airport the location of Skydive Vancouver is easily found. Reservations are recommended as the calendar does fill up quickly. Dates on weekdays are usually more flexible and offered for a discounted price. Skydivers must be at least 16 years old, meet medical and weight restrictions, and sign a standard waiver before being cleared to fly.

Seize the day and become a beast. Embrace the daringness inside and willingly jump into the time of your life above Qualicum Beach property. The sky truly is the limit so float through the clouds today.