When everyday stress reasr its ugly head many find solace in a good read. Just around the corner from Parksville home sits the Mulberry Bush Bookstore. Family run by avid readers, this little establishment has been putting the latest and greatest novels as well as obscure and unusual finds in the hands of books worms. A warm welcoming vibe greets customers as they walk through the door. Open seven days a week almost anytime is a good time to shop. Hours are Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The locale is ideal for beachcombers. Only two blocks away from the surf and sand, plenty grab a quick novella or magazine to toss in their bag before heading off to the shore.

A cozy ambiance engulfs the building. Topics from A to Z line the shelves. If on the rare occasion the desired manuscript is not in stock, happy staff members will willingly order it. Dedicated to fostering a love of reading in youth living in Parksville homes, the children’s center exists in a magical castle. Imaginations soar as youngsters search for a book to while away the time. Book clubs are encouraged as well with discounts on all their club selections.

Local Author’s Meet and Greet on Parksville Property

There’s always something happening in this quaint little shop. Author signings, lectures, readings and workshops bring local and national authors close to their devoted audiences. Themed events are held on a regular basis. Favourite and inspiring gatherings include customer appreciation days, cider Mondays and evenings filled with music.

Sometimes cravings strike at unexpected moments. Luckily, The Mulberry Bush Bookstore has contacts. Those browsing around can actually meander right through the shop into Lefty’s Fresh Food Restaurant next door. Another Parksville property treasure, Lefty’s boasts a decadent dessert menu and an interesting history. Diners can learn the inspiring way that Lefty’s decided on its name and then start turning the pages of their newest read. Lefty’s full menu for lunch, dinner and dessert can be found here.